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Goal means what your aim to reach in the future. In your life establishing goals has a positive impact. A goal is a specific, assessable result that you want to generate at a determinable time in the future. But if what you hope to achieve in life is based on your expectations, rather than on working to reach established goals. Your goals are the stepping-stones toward the understanding of your dreams, the second key element in the blueprint of your life.

Goals are experiences you have not yet had, places you have not yet been, people you have not met, a level of income you have not achieved, a type of relationship you are not now enjoying, or having something you don’t currently own. Like your dreams, there is no limit to the number of goals you can set other than the limits of your imagination. And although Goals represent what you intend to achieve in the future, they are always set and worked on in the present.

In university business school graduates who had been out of school for ten years was conducted to determine how they were succeeding toward their goals. Amazingly, 83 percent of the graduates had set no goals at all. This 83 percent reported that they were working hard and staying busy but had no specific future plans. Another 14 percent had goals, but their goals were mental, not written. However, this 14 percent was earning on the average three times the income of those who had no goals at all. Only 3 percent of the entire graduate group had written goals. That 3 percent was earning a whopping ten times what those with no goals were earning.

Particularly goals are written very clearly. Written goals made a dramatic difference in their income levels. Make the difference in your goal is specific level of achievement. Among the business school graduates in the study, the short time they spent establishing.

Clear establish a goal has a positive impact on your life. But if what you hope to achieve in life is based on your expectations, rather than on working to reach established goals, you are setting yourself up for the possibility of disappointment. Expectations have to do with how you believe other people should behave, and how the world should bend at your command.

Your expectations may result in a large amount of grief, whereas established goals will result in a large amount of satisfaction and success. When develop your goal is clear than the winning choice is clear, drop your expectations. It is a mistake to expect that you will accomplish any goal because you deserve it or because there is something in your past that entitles you to it. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as “deserve.” You end up achieving in life because of planning and control, not because you have “paid your dues”.

3 Steps to Developing Passion & Taking Action

Passion for anything occurs at the moment you get a glimpse of the potential for the project, yourself, your mission, and so on. How do you develop passion? The following steps take a look at how you develop passion:

1. Take steps toward your goals. As your plans unfold, each step that you take toward your goals has a direct bearing on your excitement, enthusiasm, and confidence. As you enjoy little successes, your imagination explodes, and passion enters the picture. And when passion is full-blown, it’s unlikely that you will abandon your objectives.

2. Use your head to direct the passion that develops. Effective passion is a directed emotion that synergizes all your qualities to make a total you that is considerably greater than the sum of all those qualities. Some identify passion as “heart,” because people with passion accomplish things that go beyond their physical and mental abilities.

3. Analyze what you want in life and come up with a plan for reaching those goals. Though passion can be brought on almost instantly by a life-changing event, it usually begins with a careful analysis of what you want in life. What is your direction? In short, what are your goals? After you clearly identify your goals, you develop a plan of action to reach those goals.


You must see your goals clearly and especially before you can set out for them. One of the most necessary things you need to do for yourself is to choose a goal that is important to you. Here are some tips to help you set goals, which can get you success.

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