Snoring :: Radio frequency treatment of snoring

Radio frequency treatment of snoring is a new, completely painless way to control snoring. There are no cuts, stitches or bleeding, and minimal post- treatment discomfort. There is no time lost from daily activities, including work.

Radio waves are used by your local radio station to broadcast news and music. Different wave lengths identify different stations. The stronger the signal, the further away you can hear it.

A similar principle applies to radio frequency snoring treatment. In this case the transmitter is placed on your soft palate and the energy that is released coagulates the deep tissues of the soft palate. Subsequent healing and scarring stiffens the soft palate so that it can no longer vibrate and cause snoring.

The procedure is performed in the doctor?s office under local anesthesia. Afterwards, you can go home, eat and drink anything you like, and return to work the next day. There is usually a small amount of swelling of the soft palate for 24 to 48 hours, but it will not interfere with your activities.

This treatment is as successful as laser treatment for controlling snoring, but much less painful.

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