Skin Care :: New skin care products in United States

Medvill, Korea?s predominant skin care research and manufacturing company, has opened an office in Montrose, California to launch its newest skin care technologies.

Preliminary studies for three of Medvill?s newest products are complete and the results strongly suggest positive effects. All products are 100% natural and include patented ingredients. The Korean Government and the American Business Alliance has chosen to sponsor Medvill.

Technologies and a survey of their benefits include:


– Reduces symptoms of skin allergies
– Formulated without steroids to control allergies and prevent dry skin
– Helps to stabilize and prevent secretion of histamine from mast cells
– Maintains skins natural balance
– Moisturizes while rebuilding the skins barrier

ACNO Cream

– Anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic effects
– Reduces symptoms of proprionibactrium acne
– Gentle exfoliation
– Clinically tested for safety and efficacy

ACNO Control Soap

– Deep cleans while gently moisturizing
– Safe for all skin types

As one of the predominant therapeutic research and development companies in Korea, Medvill offers over 40 years of expertise, honesty and transparency to customers around the world. Medvill specializes in developing and manufacturing a broad range of natural solutions for cancer, coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis, benign hyperplasia, atopy and acne. Medvill is ISO9001 and GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified.

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