Ringworms – Helleborus

A child 2 years old, plump and well nourished, ringworms on chest and face: Dulc, hell, nit acid, phos, sili, tellur.

The child craves meat and refused every thing else ravenously clawing at the meat plate, stuffing its mouth full to choking if permitted.

Craves meat: abies can, aloes, aur met, ferr met, hell, lil tig, mag carb, meny, merc sol, merc v, nat mur, sabad, sulph.

Child keeps up a chewing motion during sleep, grinds its teeth: ars, bry, cic, ina, hell, podo.

Child rolls its head during sleep, hell, & others.

Hell 1000, two powders: one at night, the other in the morning & sac- lac.

The ringworms disappeared promptly.


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