Red Cross :: Red Cross workers announce unconditional return to work

Red Cross workers have offered to return to work to ensure that the communities and residents who rely on their assistance and support are fully served.

About 160 members of Communications Workers of America Local 13000 hope to be back at work staffing blood banks and bloodmobiles by Wednesday_Jan_31.

“We’re a part of the community too, with families and friends and neighbors who depend on the services we provide. We care about what happens to the residents of our communities who need our help. That’s why we’re offering to return to work — with no conditions — so that we can be sure that people receive the services they need,” said Marge Krueger, administrative assistant to the CWA District 13 Vice President.

“No one wanted to go on strike, but management forced this dispute by attacking workers’ health care and demanding huge increases in costs and big cuts in benefits. Red Cross management even refused to provide information on health care costs that we need to bargain a fair contract,” she said. “Management has been unwilling to cooperate. That has to change,” she said.

“Our members hope to be back on the job soon, and we hope that residents and communities will join us in sending this message to Red Cross management: It’s time to reach a fair contract with the people who work so hard for all of us,” Krueger said.

CWA members staff bloodmobiles and blood banks in counties across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, West Virginia and Virginia.

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