Pregnancy :: Smoking women with difficult pregnancy cut IVF success

Smoking women finds difficulties in getting pregnant because of some harmful effects on uterus. Smoking also cut the chances of IVF and success rate is low in them. New research finds that heavy smoking impairs women’s fertility by reducing the odds that a fetus will implant in the uterus.

“Tobacco consumption reduces your pregnancy probability, not only due to the already known ovarian effects but also due to impaired uterine receptiveness,” said Dr. Sergio R. Soares, lead author of the study and director of the IVI Clinic in Lisbon, Portugal.

“This is the first study that shows the clinical impact of cigarette smoking on uterine receptiveness,” added Soares, whose study is published in the Nov. 9 online edition of Human Reproduction.

According to the study, the lighter smokers had a significantly higher pregnancy rate (52.2 percent) than the heavy smokers (34.1 percent).

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