Polio :: Right sided paralysis in polio – Causticum

Master A. age 2? years had an attack of polio and paralysed his lower limbs. Leading allopathic doctors of the city were consulted but could promise no help.

One doctor prescribed Vitamins B1 and B12 injection, and said that the injection should be given for six months and even with these he was not sure of improvement. In any case he did not expect the improvement sooner than six months.

The child was brought to me.

I noticed the paralysis had affected the right side more.

I prescribed Causticum 200 3 doses daily for 4 days.

The second day after administering the drug the child started walking on his limbs.

Later on Causticum 1000 was given at 15 days interval and now no defect is left in his limbs.

Several allopathic doctors who were consulted for this case made enquiries from me as to what I gave in this case.

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