Education :: Achieving Excellence in Medical Education

A new book by Richard Gunderman, M.D., Ph.D, associate professor of radiology, pediatrics, and medical education at the Indiana University School of Medicine and of philosophy, liberal arts, and philanthropy at the IU School of Liberal Arts, both on the Indiana University Purdue University and Indianapolis campus, explores the vision of excellence that shapes the education of 70,000 medical students and over 100,000 physicians in training in the United States.

Eating Disorders :: Buddhist philosophy a hope for women with eating disorders

A psychological technique based on Buddhist philosophy and practice may provide a solution for women who struggle with binge eating and bulimia. The technique known as ‘mindfulness’ is being taught to Queensland women to help them understand and deal with the emotions that trigger their binges.

Palliative Care :: Palliative care medicine – enhancing the quality of life

As Americans continue to live longer with chronic disease, palliative care medicine is gaining a new appreciation. While advances in modern medicine have benefited countless people and added years to peoples? lives, a new focus includes enhancing the quality of life.

New Chicago-Indiana computer network prepared to handle massive data flow

Massive quantities of data will soon begin flowing from the largest scientific instrument ever built into an international network of computer centers, including one operated jointly by the University of Chicago and Indiana University. The first phase of the Chicago-Indiana center, formally known as the MidWest Tier 2 Center, is now up and running, crunching test data in preparation for the real thing.