Onion :: Eat raw onions to avoid heat strokes in summer

Consumption of raw onions during this period of the year protects a person from sun strokes and the use of dried green leaf vegetables like ‘methi’, ‘sarson’ and green ‘pudina’ increases the intake of vitamins and minerals in the summer season

Punjab Agricultural University in house hold tips said the use of ‘pudina chutney’ (mint side dish) along with meals is not only delicious but also nutritious and recommended the use of bitter gourds.

“Good quality bitter gourds are available at reasonable rates during summers, so make the maximum use of it,” the PAU tips added.

Another recommendation is the usage of mustard oil for sauteing vegetables.

The rising temperature, causing a lot of fatigue, influences the appetite and digestive system.

So, eating of fried and spicy food during summers should be avoided. And the consumption of food at proper intervals is a must to have a good health, said the tips.

It also suggested to take a plenty of liquids during summers and said fluid intake can be improved by drinking lemon water, buttermilk, ‘jal-jeera’, ‘panna’ of raw mangoes, ‘sattu’ among others.

Besides, consuming a lot of salad including cucumber, long melon and tomatoes comes among the tips.

However the PAU has warned against eating cut-fruits available in the market.

The PAU tips also suggested improving the consumption of milk by making delicious sweet dishes like ‘kulfi’, custard, ‘kheer’ etc.

The increased consumption of curd for good digestion and an increased intake of sprouted pulses and fermented products on a daily basis helps in tackling fatigue, cracked lips, blisters on tongue mainly caused by vitamin B deficiency.

For maximum nutrients, it also suggested the cooking of rice, which is consumed, more during summer time, in an adequate amount of water.

While recommending hygienic water for drinking, the tips also warned of food poisoning during summers. ”Avoid eating left-over food and properly re-heat the food before serving,” it maintained.

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