Mount Sinabung volcano eruption 2014 – 16 killed

On 1 February 2014 the Mount Sinabung volcano erupted again. The eruption ejected hot clouds of ash 2 km into the air. This has engulfed nearby villages and it is reported that at least 16 people have been killed. It occurred just after residents living more than five kilometers from the mountain were allowed to … Read more

Medical device approved to treat epilepsy

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved a device to help reduce the frequency of seizures in epilepsy patients who have not responded well to medications. The RNS Stimulator consists of a small neurostimulator implanted within the skull under the scalp. The neurostimulator is connected to one or two wires (called electrodes) that are … Read more

PepsiCo to invest Rs 33000 cr in India by 2020

Global beverages and snacks major PepsiCo will invest 33,000 crore rupees in India by 2020 to spread its operations. PepsiCo Chairperson and CEO Indra Nooyi told reporters immediately after meeting with Finance Minister P Chidambaram in New Delhi that her company will invest in manufacturing, agriculture, infrastructure and innovative projects. Indra Nooyi said India is … Read more

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand – 2013 flash floods

The Kedarnath valley, along with and other parts of the state of Uttarakhand, was hit with unprecedented flash floods on 16 and 17June 2013 almost after 80 years. The temple itself suffered some damage but was still standing. However a portion of the temple complex was washed away, and the Kedarnath town was nearly destroyed … Read more

Army Evacuates All Stranded people from Gangotri

A series of major breakthroughs were achieved by the Army and the Indian Air Force today, catalyzing thereby, the rescue and relief operations in some of the worst flash- flood affected areas of Uttarakhand. ARMY All the 500 people stranded in and around Gangotri have now been evacuated.  Barring 25 people, Gagariya on the Hemkund … Read more

Army Reaches Isolated People

Army has launched one of the biggest human rescue operations in Uttarakhand. It today mobilized troops for rescue and relief efforts, as it simultaneously reached out to over 8000 people on all four different axes, viz, Rishikesh – Uttarkashi – Harsil – Gangotri axis; Rudraprayag – Kedarnath axis, Joshimath – Badrinath axis and Dharchhula – … Read more

Inclusion of Western Ghats in UNESCO List

The Western Ghats or the Sahyadri constitute a mountain range along the western side of India. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the eight hottest hotspots of biological diversity in the world. It is sometimes called the Great Escarpment of India. The range runs north to south along the western … Read more

Genome :: Consortium Publishes Phase II Map of Human Genetic Variation

The International HapMap Consortium today published analyses of its second-generation map of human genetic variation, which contains three times more markers than the initial version unveiled in 2005. In two papers in the journal Nature, the consortium describes how the higher resolution map offers greater power to detect genetic variants involved in common diseases, explore the structure of human genetic variation and learn how environmental factors, such as infectious agents, have shaped the human genome.

Healthcare :: Mortality rates 71 percent lower at top-rated hospitals, HealthGrades 2008 hospital-quality study

Patients have on average a 71 percent lower chance of dying at the nation’s top-rated hospitals compared with the lowest-rated hospitals across 18 procedures and conditions analyzed in the tenth annual HealthGrades Hospital Quality in America Study, issued today by HealthGrades, the healthcare ratings company. The study, which documents a wide variation in the quality of care between the highest-performing hospitals and all others, also found that if all hospitals performed at the level of hospitals rated with five stars by HealthGrades, 266,604 Medicare lives could potentially have been saved over the three years studied.

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