Menstrual Cycle :: Menstrual cycle ups the risk of injury and sprains

Women are more vulnerable to injuring themselves and sprains during the menstrual cycle, revealed by Dr Stephen Sandler, an osteopath at London’s Portland Hospital.

According to BBC reports, London’s Portland Hospital surveyed 17 women with a regular menstrual cycle and concluded that during the middle of their cycles women experienced a sudden drop in estrogen, a hormone that strengthens muscles and ligaments.

Dr Sandler, an osteopath for more than 25 years who is based at the Portland Hospital, said: ‘I noted men often came to me with injuries due to sport or over-exertion. ‘But women often couldn’t explain why simple acts like reaching down to pick something up had caused injury and pain.’

He studied 17 women after noticing that female patients were coming to see him at specific times of their cycle and then surveyed 1,000 fellow osteopaths.

‘I found this experience repeated and that these women were hurting themselves at certain points in their cycle,’ said Dr Sandler. There was a clear link between hormone levels and laxity of joints making women more vulnerable to injury. As they progress through their cycle, their joints become increasingly loose.

It is hoped the intriguing discovery could help women, especially athletes who need to avoid injury, to adapt their schedules to cut the risk of hurting themselves.

Women regained their normal joint strength as their cycles came to an end and menstruation started.

The researchers also found that women taking the combined contraceptive pill were not seen to experience the same problems, as their estrogen levels are generally at same levels.

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