India and Pakistan should resolve situation peacefully, says Ban Ki-moon

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has asked both India and Pakistan to resolve their differences peacefully, his spokesperson said on Tuesday. Ban is travelling to Pakistan this week, where he will also attend the country’s Independence Day celebration along with meeting the top leadership.

“The Secretary-General continues to ask both parties, to resolve the situation peacefully,” said Eduardo del Bueythe, Deputy Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General.

“While in Islamabad, the Secretary-General will meet with several senior officials, including the President and the Prime Minister.

The Secretary-General will also hold discussions with the Chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority, and receive an update on national disaster risk reduction efforts, as monsoon season begins,” Bueythe said.

“In line with the celebration of Malala Day here at Headquarters last month, the Secretary-General will meet with students in Islamabad to discuss efforts to promote and expand quality education for all,” he said.

“He will also attend Pakistan’s Independence Day celebration and will highlight Pakistan’s role as one of the largest troop- and police-contributing countries to UN peacekeeping at the inauguration of the Centre for International Peace and Stability,” the UN spokesperson said.

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