Gene :: Scientists Publish Analysis of Honey Bee Genome

A research consortium, supported by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), today announced the publication of a high-quality draft genome sequence of the western honey bee, finding that its genome is more similar to humans than any insect sequenced thus far.

Diabetes :: Top 5 Diabetes Diet Tips for Creating Healthy Meal Plan

Diet plays a key role in controlling your blood sugar. A healthy-eating plan tailored to your needs will do that and more. Majority of people affected with diabetes are overweight or obese. In fact, your risk of getting diabetes increases the more weight you put on.

Asthma :: Herb Yamoa – Funtumia elastica – from Ghana for asthma and hay fever – natural asthma therapies

Yamoa powder is an asthma remedy from Ghana that remained a closely guarded secret until 1994, when a shaman revealed it to her grandson who had moved to London, and gave him permission to share it with the world. He brought the ground bark of the Yamoa gum tree (Funtumia elastica) back to England and asked 20 fellow post office workers who suffered from asthma or hay fever to try it. All reported improvement.

Dengue Fever :: Liquid diet recommended in dengue fever – Yoga and Naturopathy

According to Naturopaths the energy needed for digestion if diverted to elimination can benefit those affected with dengue. “A dengue affected person is put on complete liquid diet. The affected person may be given fruit juice, vegetable soups but no solid diet, neither solid fruit. Thus the energy required for digestion is diverted towards elimination,” Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy Assistant Director Dr Rajiv Rastogi said.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Apis Mellifica – Honey Bee

Indicated in eruptive fevers, especially in scarlatina; in diphtheria; in inflammatory affections, particularly in those of erysipelatous tendency; in dropsies with absence of thirst and scanty urination; nephritis. Very important in the treatment of post-scarlatinal dropsy. Used in intermittent and other fevers; in ovarian diseases; in certain coughs, with much dyspnoea.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Thuja – Arbor Vitae

Indicated in the complications or sequelae of gonorrhoea (fig-warts, gonorrhoeal rheumatism and ovaritis, etc.) and the bad effects of vaccination. Used in syphilitic iritis and other complaints resting upon a syphilitic base; gonorrhoea with thin, greenish discharge and scalding during micturition. Has done good work in neuralgic headaches and in neuralgia in other parts (facial, ciliary). Adapted to the so-called hydrogenoid constitution; acts well in stout persons of dark complexion, lymphatic temperament and unhealthy skin.