History of elections in India

Lok Sabha is composed of representatives of the people chosen by direct election on the basis of the adult suffrage.

The maximum strength of the House envisaged by the Constitution is 552, which is made up by election of up to 530 members to represent the States, up to 20 members to represent the Union Territories and not more than two members of the Anglo-Indian Community to be nominated by the President, if, in his/ her opinion, that community is not adequately represented in the lower house,Lok Sabha.

In 1952 Lok Sabha Elections there were 1874 candidates, which rose to 13952 candidates in 1996. However in 2009 Lok Sabha Elections only 8070 candidates contested.

1st Lok Sabha (1951-52)
2nd Lok Sabha (1957)
3rd Lok Sabha (1962)
4th Lok Sabha (1967)
5th Lok Sabha (1971)
6th Lok Sabha (1977)
7th Lok Sabha (1980)
8th Lok Sabha (1984-85)
9th Lok Sabha (1989)
10th Lok Sabha (1991)
11th Lok Sabha (1996)
12th Lok Sabha (1998)
13th Lok Sabha (1999)
14th Lok Sabha (2004)
15th Lok Sabha (2009)
16th Lok Sabha (2014) – for latest coverage visit General Elections 2014 of India

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