Healthcare :: New hi-tech radio system to be installed in Ambulances in UK

Interoperability between emergency services’ radio systems and better coverage in rural areas means improved care for patients. A new state-of-the-art radio system is to be installed by all NHS Ambulance Trusts in England beginning in early 2007.

Ambulance Trusts have chosen to implement radio terminals provided by Sepura which will operate on the O2/Airwave network, and work with control room equipment being provided by Sungard Vivista, as part of Airwave’s Ambulance Radio Replacement Programme contract.

The new radio system:
– will be interoperable with police and fire service radio systems, meaning improved communications between the emergency services;
– minimises the risk of interference with vital medical equipment;
– offers significantly better coverage in rural areas; and
– has greater security and resilience than existing systems.

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