Health Plan :: Health plan to provide health care for all Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvanian Governor Edward G. Rendell said “Cover the Uninsured Week” – to be observed April 23-29 – is the perfect time for the General Assembly to begin consideration of his Prescription for Pennsylvania proposal to make access to health coverage available to all Pennsylvanians.

During “Cover the Uninsured Week,” the Governor and members of his cabinet and staff will be traveling across the state to talk with groups – ranging from business and community leaders to health care advocates – about Pennsylvania’s opportunity to make history by providing access to health coverage for all Pennsylvanians.

“Nearly 767,000 Pennsylvanians lack health insurance coverage, which stands in the way of making sure they have basic medical care,” Governor Rendell said. “Aside from the direct impact on personal health, this unresolved health care crisis places burdens on government, businesses and consumers.

“Pennsylvanians pay an estimated $1.4 billion each year to help cover the costs of treating people who are uninsured and underinsured. Pennsylvania has an opportunity to become a national leader in improving access to health insurance coverage — and the time to act is now.”

Announced in January, Governor Rendell’s Prescription for Pennsylvania calls for the creation of Cover All Pennsylvanians, or CAP, a program offering access to affordable basic health coverage to small businesses without insurance and the uninsured through the private insurance market.

According to a study by the Insurance Department, the majority of uninsured adults in Pennsylvania are employed, and most of the uninsured workers hold full-time jobs. By bringing down the cost of coverage, Pennsylvania can make it easier for businesses and employees to obtain desperately needed health coverage.

In addition to expanding access to affordable health care coverage for all Pennsylvanians, Governor Rendell’s Prescription for Pennsylvania includes innovative proposals to improve the quality of care and bring health care costs under control for employers and employees.

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