Health :: Ask About Medicines Week 6-10 November 2006

Ask About Medicines Week (November 6-10) is designed to raise awareness of the importance of taking medicines as prescribed and knowing where to get the information you might want. Pharmacists are ideally placed to advise ? they are right on the high street and you don’t need an appointment.

This year’s Ask About Medicines Week will focus particularly on older people who often take more medicines than younger people.

During Ask About Medicines Week patients will be encouraged to ask:

What does this medicine do?
Why is it important that I take this medicine? Are there any other treatment options?
When and how should I take it?
How long should I take it for?
What should I be aware of when taking this medicine? (for example, possible risks, side effects, taking medicines with certain foods/drinks/activities, what to do if I don’t feel well while I am taking it, how to store it safely and so on)
Where can I go for more information?

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