Headache :: New Camp Hill clinic specializes in pediatric headaches

Penn State Children’s Hospital now offers an outpatient clinic devoted to easing the pain of headaches.

The Pediatric Headache Clinic in Camp Hill is a specialized clinic for children up to 16 years old who have been diagnosed with headaches or migraines.

The clinic uses a combination of traditional medication and other methods such as lifestyle changes, diet, relaxation and breathing techniques, biofeedback, physical therapy and massage, acupressure and acupuncture.

Vivian C. Faircloth, Cynthia A. Gould and Kathy McGeorge staff the clinic.

“By opening the new Pediatric Headache Clinic, we are meeting a substantial need for central Pennsylvania,” Faircloth said.

“Migraine is common in children, frequently under diagnosed and under treated,” she said. “Headaches cause significant impact on school attendance and social activities. We can really make a difference in the quality of life for children who suffer from migraines.”

Strong emphasis is placed on educating the patient and family about headaches and migraines to enable them to take more control.

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