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Flu :: Advice for winter warmth, reminder to elderly and vulnerable people

Scotland’s Chief Medical Officer today issued a timely reminder to elderly and vulnerable people to stock up on prescriptions, register for the free flu jab and wrap up warm over the festive period.

As most GP practices will be closed for two four-day periods during Christmas and New Year, Dr Harry Burns has advised that prescriptions for any repeat medication are collected in time.

Dr Burns said:

“Individuals can do a few simple and sensible things to help look after themselves and ease the pressure on out-of-hours services.

“The two main things that the public can do to help are making sure that they have a prescription for any repeat medication they may need over weekends and public holidays, and only using the out-of-hours services if they can’t wait until your GP practice re-opens.

“Flu has not really struck yet this year, so it’s not too late to get vaccinated against it. Anyone who is 65 or over or in an at risk group should contact their GP practice to get an appointment for their free flu jab.

“Flu can have serious consequences, possibly resulting in a stay in hospital. Taking the vaccine will offer much better protection.

“And for all of us, when going outside, we should dress for winter, with lots of layers to keep the heat in and protect us from the cold.

“If we follow these simple steps, everyone can enjoy a happy Christmas and New Year.”

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