Fitness :: Pilates exercises – What is Pilates

Pilates – A body conditioning system created over eighty years ago by Joseph H. Pilates. Initially popular with dancers and other performers, the Pilates method has become popular in the fitness world. Exercises performed on the floor, or on specialized equipment, Pilates coordinates mind, body and breath to develop sleek and functionally strong abdominal muscles, a strong and supple back, and aligns the shoulder girdle.

Pronounced (Puh-lah-tees), this intelligent exercise was developed by German nurse and fitness guru Joseph Pilates after World War I to assist bedridden patients in recovering muscle strength. The system employs specialized machines to teach the body self-awareness and strengthen muscles without straining them, in a complete and balanced way. Pilates has proven beneficial for the rehabilitation of injuries and slowing down osteoporosis, and is favored by dancers and athletes for muscle toning.

Pilates and Winsor Pilates program are the hottest workouts of the decade.

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