Skin Care :: The Maharishi Ayurveda Approach to Beauty and Skin Care

Every person is born perfect. Inferiority is a mistake of the mind, a cloud covering the light. Dissolve the clouds by observing a balanced life with healthy habits. Nourish your mind and body. Connect with your own inner self. Celebrate your own magnificence and your beauty will always shine through.? —- Dr. Rama Kant Mishra, renowned Ayurvedic physician and dermatologist

Hemorrhoids :: Piles (Hemorrhoids) cured by LM Potency

Mrs. C.D., 35 years, a housewife of Kanaipur, Hooghly in West Bengal was suffering from bleeding piles since last 10 years. She was previously under treatment of a local homoeopath for at least 4 years, who failed to cure. Only bleeding was subsided. Since last 6 months, problem had seriously aggravated and forced her to go to an allopath for immediate relief, though her family faiths in homoeopathy. The G. P. tried to relieve for a month and then refer to a Surgeon.

Hypertension :: Primary Hypertension – Malandrinum

A case of Primary Hypertension in a young man of 21 years, of wheatish complexion, 5’8″ height, average build, prominent belly, numerous chicken pox marks on face, few moles on left face, receding hairline, less body hair, gap in teeth and having long tapering fingers. He is jolly by nature, fun loving and one of the happy go lucky sorts- not taking anything too seriously though also very emotional.

Asthma :: Homeopathy and Asthma

I can confidently say homeopathy helps asthma. Even when used alongside conventional medicine, homeopathy strengthens the immune system, allowing the person to slowly reduce medication. Please note that medication should only be reduced under the approval of a doctor, and it is dangerous to stop steroid medication suddenly as this can adversely affect the adrenal glands. I will use a case history to show how homeopathy helped Ms. X, a woman in her late thirties, who was on a very long list of asthma drugs. Often people with asthma, hay fever, allergies and eczema come from an atopic family, meaning several members of the family will suffer the same complaints. In Ms. X?s family, her mother had asthma and hay fever; as did her grandmother, and her sister plus her children all had eczema.

Allergies :: Homeopathy and allergic hay fever

Homeopathy has been scientifically proven to treat hay fever just as well as conventional medicine and certainly better than placebo, without any side effects from the medication. A homeopath treats the symptoms of the hay fever, and also the entire individual, thus strengthening the immunity of the person and reducing the severity of the attacks. There are many factors behind hay fever, or any disease, and homeopathy looks to find the individual patterns and reasons for a complaint.

Homoeopathy as an instrument of precision

Human nature is an odd mixture of credulity and incredibility. If you tell a man that there are two hundred and seventy billion stars he will accept your word for it, but if you put up a sign ‘Fresh Paint’ he is never satisfied until he proves it is fresh. I am hoping that all of you here gathered, interested in homoeopathy, will both believe what is to follow and put it to the test.