Eat right during exam time

The days before exams is a time of stress and tension when what a child eats becomes crucial to his or her well being. According to Nidhi Sahai, dietician with Max Healthcare, a high protein diet comprising light meals is a must. Tips for an ideal diet during exams include:

* High protein diet including soya products, eggs, paneer, milk or nonvegetarian food

* Milk is a must at least twice a day. Take curd with at least two meals daily.

* Do not eat spicy food as it can make you feel heavy and cause acidity.

* Eat small meals or snacks at regular intervals and stick to home food.

* Food with too much oil and fat too is to be avoided as it can make you feel too full and sleepy as it takes a long time to get digested.

* Drink plenty of water and fluids so that the body is well hydrated.

* Though a few cups of tea and coffee can be consumed, avoid too much coffee or tea as they contain tanin which hampers the absorptionof nutrients. Instead take cold milk or butter milk.

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