Dysmenorrhoea – Carcinosin

A female, aged 23 years, with numerous brownish moles on face, consulted me for her c/o obstinate dysmenorrhoea since menarche. She used to experience severe pain in thigh especially right thigh with nausea on the first day of periods. The pain was better from warmth and used to reduce on following days till the period was over.

The other complaints were obstinate constipation since childhood with occasional bleeding per rectum; pain in legs from draught of cold air and tendency to sore throat on taking sour and cold things. Chilly patient; Appetite : Good but can’t tolerate hunger. Profuse sweating especially on face. Family h/o Diabetes Mellitus, Cancer and T.B. Mentally; obstinate, sensitive and highly egoistic. Loves and enjoys nature a lot.

She had already taken numerous homoeopathic medicines such as Mag Phos, Chamomilla, Calc. Carb. Viburnum Opulus but with no desired result. Taking into account all her symptoms especially her mental obstinacy and the obstinate nature of her complaints; I gave her CARCINOSIN 30/ 1 dose.

The patient reported marked improvement. Her long standing Dysmenorrhoea and constipation were much relieved. She also showed marked improvement with respect to her other complaints and she is still under my treatment.

Carcinosin: Pleasure in Prescribing
From the desk of: Prof. L. M. Khan, M.D.(HOM.)
HOD, Deptt. of Organon, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Chronic Disease & Psychology,
National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, India.

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