World Media hails India’s successful launch of Chandrayaan 2

World Media hails India’s successful launch of Chandrayaan 2 International Media have hailed India’s successful launch of its second moon mission Chandrayaan-2. The Washington Post commented that India’s low-cost, homegrown technology that has powered its space programme is a source of national pride and inspiration. Quoting experts, the Post said the successful second attempt so … Read more

Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh Awarded National Tourism Award for Best State

Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have been jointly given the award for the First Prize in the category of “Best State/UT: Comprehensive Development of Tourism.” The second and third prizes in this category have gone to Kerala and Gujarat respectively. The National Tourism Awards were given by Mr. Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for Human … Read more

Agnieszka Holland Retrospective at 44th IFFI

The 44th International Film Festival in Goa is presenting the six – film retrospective from today to acquaint the film aficionados with the content and craft of noted Polish film director, Agnieszka Holland. Her films underline decaying ideals, crisis of identities, human despair and a universal struggle to overcome maladies of the mankind. Her work … Read more

Promotion of Folk Culture in India

The Indian Minister of Culture Smt. Chandresh Kumari Katoch has said that a number of steps are being taken by the Government on an ongoing basis to promote folk culture, folk art and artists in the country including in Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. These activities are carried out through different institutions, including autonomous organizations … Read more

186 Indian villages promoting tourism in India

Indian Ministry of Tourism is implementing its Rural Tourism Scheme with the main objective of showcasing rural life, art, culture and heritage in villages which have core competence in art and craft, handloom, textiles, natural environment etc. Under this scheme, Central Financial Assistance (CFA) is provided upto Rs.50.00 lakh for infrastructure development and upto Rs.20.00 … Read more

Autism :: Army research mission focused on autism

?”Children are like snowflakes, each one different, each one needing a different biomedical intervention,” said Shelley Reynolds of Unlocking Autism. ?”What makes treating autism difficult is that each combination to unlock each person affected is so unique.” As a result of advocacy efforts, the U.S. Congress provided $7.5 million in appropriations directed to the Department of Defense to initiate the Autism Spectrum Disorder Research Program in 2007.

Beer :: Britain’s Oldest Beer – 137 years old with amazing taste

A sensational cache of bottled beers dating back over 130 years has been discovered in Burton upon Trent, the home of Great British brewing. Found recently in the Worthington’s White Shield brewery vaults, many are still in fine condition with their corks and wax seals still in place.

Nanotechnology :: Consumers neutral on risks, benefits of nano – nanotechnology

The largest, most comprehensive survey of public perceptions of nanotechnology products finds US consumers are willing to use specific nano-containing products — even if there are health and safety risks — when the potential benefits are high. The study also finds US consumers rate nanotechnology as less risky than everyday technologies like herbicides, chemical disinfectants, handguns and food preservatives. The findings appear in December’s issue of Nature Nanotechnology.

Gendered division of labor gave modern humans advantage over Neanderthals

Diversified social roles for men, women and children may have given Homo sapiens an advantage over Neanderthals, says a new study in the December 2006 issue of Current Anthropology. The study argues that division of economic labor by sex and age emerged relatively recently in human evolutionary history and facilitated the spread of modern humans throughout Eurasia.

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