Cancer :: NGO to Baba Ramdev – Prove your treatment can cure cancer

A non-government organisation (NGO) active in the health sector has appealed to yoga guru Baba Ramdev to come out with authentic scientific clinical trials to show that his treatment can cure cancer or ensure long-term survival of the patients.

“Before Baba (Ramdev) can claim that he or yoga can cure cancer, he must present foolproof scientific clinical trials which prove that his treatment can cure cancer,” Shekhar Salkar, oncologist and General Secretary of National Organisation for Tobacco Eradication (NOTE), told PTI.

NOTE’s reaction came after Ramdev’s statement in Bhubaneshwar that “he was trying to establish that breathing exercises could treat diseases like cancer and thyroid-related ailments”.

“Breathing exercises have the power to cure cancer and thyroid problems and clean up clogged arteries,” Ramdev was quoted as saying during a function of the at KIIT Deemed University in Bhubaneshwar on Saturday. The popular yoga guru was bestowed Doctor of Philosophy degree by the university.

Asking Baba to come out with scientific ways to support his claim, Salkar said his tests should be pure yogic clinical trials without any help from other forms of treatment. The trials should be put to the scrutiny of world- standard scientists before they are accepted.” “Yoga can be an addition to treatment but it cannot be a treatment in itself,” the NOTE General Secretary noted.

“Yoga can help to destress a patient and boost his (disease) fighting power. But under no circumstances, it can be a treatment on it own,” Salkar said.

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