Cancer :: Cancer fighting food online database

Foods which could prevent teenagers from developing cancer are being highlighted by a unique website created by a University of St Andrews scientist. Dr Margaret Ritchie from the School of Biology has devised the world?s first fully-tested alphabetical database, aimed at protecting youngsters from developing breast and prostate cancers in later life.

The database has been used in the University of Edinburgh?s prostate cancer study and will be used in Scotland?s largest breast cancer study undertaken by the University of Aberdeen, which will specifically look at young women who tend to develop the most aggressive strain of the disease.

Dr Ritchie said, “Put simply, we?re pinpointing foods which you can introduce to your diet – or that of your teenage son or daughter – so they can build up cancer protection in later life”.

The foods listed contain natural compounds known as phyto – oestrogens which exist in high levels (300-1500 micrograms per 100g) in wholemeal bread, soya, yoghurt, raisins and other fruit. Studies have shown that teenagers and young adults who consume relatively high levels of phyto- oestrogens are far less likely to develop aggressive forms of breast cancer when they reach middle age. Likewise, the compounds, which only exist in plants and vegetables, may also provide young men with protection against prostate cancer.

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