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A lady, the mother-in-law of a fourth stage cancer patient, came to me asking for medicine for cancer. When I asked her to bring the patient she said that he won’t come. I asked her to tell me at least in verbatim what he had said. She replied, “He does not say anything.”

At this stage I asked her whether she did not care to go and see her son-in-law who is said to be in fourth stage cancer. She replied: “My daughter wrote me a letter stating that and doctors have said that he would live for another six months only, and he is not afraid of death, but he wants to live with family in the same quarters in which he had been all along living and said that he does not want anyone (be it friends or relative) to visit him.”

(Sometimes, we do get valuable symptom from the report of messengers).

Let us now see how to work out this case.

– does not want anyone to visit him Company, aversion to

– till death wants to live with family in the same quarters where he had been living all these years (for this symptom the rubric “Homesick” is to be referred to.

(1) COMPANY, aversion to: 46 remedies (page 27 of Knerr’s Repertory)
(2) HOMESICK: 10 remedies (page 50 ..)

Only three remedies, viz., Carbo a., magn. m., and natr. m. are common to the above two lists.

To confirm one out of these three, all these were studied in HOMOEOPATHIC THERAPEUTICS (By Dr. Samuel Lilienthal) under the chapter “”Carcinoma”. Only Carbo a. was described and the remaining two remedies (magn. m., and natr. m.) were not found.

In the description under Carbo animals, among other things, the following words confirmed our selection. Cachexia fully developed.

Carbo animalis cured the case and the patient is living even today

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