Back Pain :: Care tips – manage back pain

Back pain is a symptom that can arise from many causes. It can range from a dull ache to shooting pain. A sedentary lifestyle makes you more vulnerable, as does obesity.

* The most common cause is strain or sprain of the muscle, ligament, and soft tissue. Anti-inflammatory drugs can relieve pain.

* Visit a doctor if a dull back pain persists for over a week. Treatment depends on the underlying cause, with rest, gentle exercise and stretching, and pain-killers being used for mild aches.

* Back pain that is severe, is accompanied by symptoms like numbness, loss of movement or bowel control, need prompt investigation.

* Regular exercise, losing weight, maintaining correct posture, using supportive chairs and sleeping on the side with knees drawn up or on the back with a pillow under bent knees takes the pressure of the back.

* Surgery is needed for slipped discs.

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