Homeopathic Medicine :: Carbo Vegetabilis – Vegetable Charcoal

Indicated in condition of great debility, in the aged; in those who are recovering imperfectly from a severe illness (China, Phos. ac.). being unable to rally; state of collapse, as in cholera and typhoid fever; in coughs with great fetor of expectoration; asthma; in foul, old ulcers, carbuncles; gastric and intestinal complaints with much flatulency.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Causticum

Indicated in chronic cases of rheumatism; paralysis; in catarrh of the respiratory organs. Adapted to persons of psoric taint, of dark, sallow complexion, rigid fiber, and as often in children, subject to chafing and soreness of the skin.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Cedron – Rattlesnake Bean

Indicated in neuralgia of malarial origin and in malarial fevers, with startling regularity in the occurrence of the paroxysms. Also used as a direct local application to cure the bites of insects and snakes.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Chamomilla – German Chamomile

Indicated in diseases of children, during the period of dentition, with diarrhoea; the characteristics are clear-cut. Here, and in adults, in neuralgic, menstrual and other troubles, the intolerance of pain, aggravation from anger and great mental irritablility are safe guides.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Chelidonium Majus – Celandine

Indicated in diseases of the liver and gall bladder and in disorders associated with or depending on hepatic disease. Acts best in persons of light complexion, thin, fretful, and subject to gastric, abdominal and hepatic derangements. Also used in coughs, bronchitis, pneumonia and rheumatism.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Cinchona Officinalis (China) – Cinchona Bark

Indicated in diseases due to or accompanied by loss of fluids (bleeding, excessive secretion of milk, spermatorrhoea, diarrhoea, etc. or debility arising from the same cause in moderate degree in especially susceptible persons. Exhaustion of the vital forces from over-indulgence of passions, resulting in great nervous tension. In malarial fevers marked by periodicity. In gastro-intestinal complaints with putridity and much flatulency; also colic (gall-stone colic).

Homeopathic Medicine :: Cicuta Virosa – Water Hemlock

Indicated in convulsive and spasmodic affections (chorea, puerperal convulsions), with drawing back of the head and neck, even to opisthotonos (opisthognathous – retreating jaws). Particularly valuable in cerebro-spinal meningitis and in the sequels of concussion of the brain and spinal marrow.