Homeopathy :: Few Cured Cases

Homoeopathy is a science totally based on Pathogenesis of the drugs. Pathogenesis is a process by which a disease develops or the development of a disease or of a morbid or pathologic state. If a homoeopathic physician clearly and fully understands the Pathogenesis of various medicinal substances he will not think to go after the Pathology to prescribe for any case of disease in hand and will still be able to CURE the cases even of morbid Pathology. Pathology is the scientific study of the alterations produced by disease.

Mentality is important in health & sickness

“The human being is an integrated whole acting all the time through three distinct levels: the mental, the emotional and the physical. The mental level being the most important, while physical the least.” -Dr. George Vithoulkas

Homeopathy :: Hahnemannian Principles – Are they still true?

This article is intended for those who do not take complete faith in Hahnemannian Principles and advocate their own imaginary theories. They use a number of mother tinctures and medicines indiscriminately, sometimes mixed together and in drop doses in the name of homoeopathy.

Vital Force and Homoeopathy

A homoeopathic physician deals with energies. These are of three different kinds – (i) Energy in the man during life while in perfect health. (ii) Morbid energies in the nature, which make the man sick. (iii) Energies of the remedies which restores the man to health.

A Unique Experience

It is an incident I encountered at All India Homoeopathic Seminar held first time at Kanpur (1981?). During the break I was sitting at the stall of Wheezal Lab. Pvt. Ltd. whence I saw a lady, who was very dirty, she appeared as if she had been bathing in oil and had not been washing, her clothes were also in the same shape. Nearly 1600 delegates attended the seminar; most of them were strolling at the numerous stalls at that time. The aforesaid lady was begging the attention of the delegates (Homoeopathic physicians) requesting to look at her ailment and help her. But no one was paying any heed to her request.

Cerebellar Degeneration

D.R.A. Age 43 years, First visit 7-3-1996. The patient was suffering from Bronchial Asthma since 1973. The attacks used to precipitate during every change of climate, preceded by acute coryza and sneezing bouts followed by breathlessness. The attacks of breathlessness used to aggravate especially during the night time.

Homeopathy :: Faith in Homoeopathy

In the present era after getting fed up with the untoward effects and reactions of the so called modern medicine the people are converging towards homoeopathy in the hope that homoeopathic medicines are safer and cause no side effects whatsoever.

Dysuria – A Case of Dysuria – Plumbum

The patient is an obese lady (HK__), age 46, presented the following symptoms of Dysuria (on 25.6.2002):

– For the past 6 – 7 years she was suffering from dysuria, used to pass very scanty and deep yellow urine once during 24 hours.

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