Asthma :: A case of bronchial asthma – Medorrhinum

Master T., aged 6 years was brought to me for the treatment of Bronchial Asthma. The trouble started at the age of three years, and the attack used to come at 11.45 P.M. daily.

The only position in which the child could get relief was lying in knee elbow position.

This symptom was so clear that I did not made any further enquiry.

X-ray lungs showed prominent vesicular markings in both sides.

Medorrhinum 200 3 powders were given for two days followed by Sac Lac.

The attack which was a daily feature stopped on the first day of the administration of the medicine. Sac Lac was continued for about a month.

After one month he had slight attack, Medorrhinum 200 2 doses were given and there has been no attack thereafter.

The patient came to me first on 24th July, 1969.

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