Arthritis :: Arthralgia Management & Homeopathy

Homeopathy and other alternative therapies are more appropriate therapeutic systems in relieving arthralgic conditions.


Treatment aims
* To relieve pain
* To cure or palliate according to prognosis of the disease
* To maintain mobility and minimize disability.
* To conserve and restore function in affected joints.

Needless to say, a cure can be effected only by following an individualistic approach towards finding a constitutional similimum, but providing pain relief is of utmost importance. It gives confidence to the patient and he will be more forthcoming with symptoms of Homoeopathic importance when he can think of something other than pain. A detailed account of Homoeopathic therapeutics is out of scope of this article, however some useful remedies have been listed; again for want of space, common medicines have been left out.

* Ammonium phos.- Chronic gout, uric acid diathesis. Nodosities in IP joints

* Angustura vera – Acute synovitis. Swollen, shiny, tender, sensitive joints.

* Argentum met.- Meniscal tears, ligamental injuries. Rheumatism affecting specially elbow and knee. Writer’s cramps. Arthralgia associated with uterine disturbances.

* Chininum sulph.- Acute articular rheumatism. Polyarticular gout with renal involvement. Marked periodicity. Spinal sensitiveness.

* Formic acid.- Atypical gout, periostitis, myositis. Chronic arthritis of traumatic aetiology.

* Francisea – Gonorrhoeal rheumatism. Pericarditis with rheumatism. Ankylosing spondylitis.

* Guaiacum – Swollen joints, intolerant to pressure, aggravation from warmth. Growing pains.

* Kali iod.- Rheumatism of neck, back & feet specially heels. Effusion in knee joints. Pain < night and damp weather. Severe bone pains. Caries

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