Herbal :: High arsenic levels in herbal kelp supplements

A study of herbal kelp supplements led by UC Davis public health expert Marc Schenker concludes that its medicinal use may cause inadvertent arsenic poisoning and health dangers for consumers, especially when overused. Schenker and two researchers evaluated nine over-the-counter herbal kelp products and found higher than acceptable arsenic levels in eight of them.

Drinking Water :: Do not drink Jermuk Brand Mineral Water

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers not to drink certain brands of mineral water imported from Armenia due to the risk of exposure to arsenic, a toxic substance and known cause of cancer in humans. While arsenic is a well known human poison there is little chance that someone would become gravely ill if they consumed this product over a brief period of time (days to weeks).

Children :: Research identifies causes contributing to poor development of over 200 million children worldwide

Inadequate intellectual stimulation and poor nutrition, especially iodine and iron deficiencies, are likely to blame for hindering more than 200 million children in developing countries from meeting their full potential, says a Purdue University researcher.