A Re-thinking on Homeopathy

When my teacher Dr. Mathews who taught me Homeopathy passed out of his college, his mind was in doldrums. He has heard different versions from different professors, conflicting verdicts, conflicting way of diagnosis and treatment and an ever-steaming question of potency.

With his exit from college, he appeared to have reached a dead-end. So he decided to start everything afresh. He was a strict Bachelor–follower of Lord Anjaneya, a teetotaler and also a voracious reader.

He adopted two small children aged 3 months each and groomed them well. He gave them good education and more than a great parental care. Perhaps any child in the world would envy to take their positions. But he did not give them Homeo for years!!

He observed his adopted son closely for years. When that child was 7, his stellaria symptoms came out for an adhoc trouble. He gave him Stellaria 30. Again after 2 years, his son called for Stellaria for a minor complaint and again Stellaria 30. When the child was 11, his constitutional symptoms called for Niccolum. So he gave Niccolum 30. Again he needed Niccolum 30 at the age of 14 and again Stellaria 30 at 15.

Dr. Mathews recollected about two of his other Niccolum patients Mr. X and Mr. Y.

One of them Mr. X came one fine morning with Stellaria symptoms. And then Dr. Mathews concluded the relationship between Niccolum and Stellaria.

It had taken him 15 years!!!

His adopted daughter got her first homeo prescription at the age of 9 when she presented Ignatia picture for her throat. And again she called for Ignatia 30 when she was 11. When she was 13, her constitutional troubles called for Cocculus 30. All the time, Cocculus 30 and Ignatia 30.

Dr. Mathews recollected one of his patients Madam Z whom he had given Ignatia 30 for grief.

One fine morning, Madam Z landed in his clinic with Cocculus-constitutional picture. And every patient that Dr. Mathews had at his table who needed Cocculus for constitution also needed Ignatia.

So it took the same 15 years to conclude the relationship between Cocculus and Ignatia.

We need to rediscover this harmony in Homeopathy.

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