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Weight Loss :: Phytolacca Berry Tablets for obesity

Willmar Schwabe India has launched Phytolacca Berry Tablets for effective weight management, made from authentic source i.e. fresh berries of Phytolacca which are imported from North America.

It lowers intake of food by favourably influencing digestion and absorption.

At the same time reduces hyperacidity and feeling of weakness associated with lowered food intake.

Good results of weight loss have been achieved in ladies with post delivery weight gains.

Weight loss to the tune of 5 Kg can be achieved in 1-2 months with some diet restrictions and regular exercises.

Moreover there are no side effects of Schwabe India?s Phytolacca Berry Tablets

Presentation: Bottle of 20g


Unless otherwise prescribed by the physician, 1-2 tablets, 3 times a day over an extended period of time.

1 tablet before meals as maintenance dose. However children (3-12 years) should use it under medical supervision only. Also the drug should be avoided, during pregnancy and lactation.


Weight Loss :: Phytolacca Berry Tablets for obesity
by ( Author at Spirit India )
Posted on at 12:44 pm.
Last updated on February 29th, 2016 at 10:27 am.
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82 Responses to “Weight Loss :: Phytolacca Berry Tablets for obesity”


    how much weight we will reduce in one month if we use phytolacca berry for one month

    • Bhavani :

      Hai sir,

      i am 30 years old and my weight is 75kg, so i want to reduce my weight, so i want to use phytolacca berry tables, but i donn’t known how to use this medicine, so please give me suggestions.

      • Anjana :

        I am breast feeding mother. Can I take phytolacca berry. What will be dose for me. It will be before meal or after meal

      • Rony :

        There is nothing much to .. think on it no doubt Phytoloca berry Works well on consistent use not on disturbed use .. use it for 3 months and you shall see the result .. take one in morning before break fast and one in afternoon before lunch and one before dinner with 30 min gap in btwn hope this helps thank you

    • vasim :

      How much weight loss in one month

  2. Dr. Anil Singhal :

    Dear Manoj, this is not specified by the company.
    Warm regards.

  3. Puja :

    Hi Dr. Anil,

    My homeopath has prescribed phytolacca berry tablets for my 8 years old daughter for her weight . She is 46 kegs with her height 4ft 7 inches. Her food intake in normal and physically very active. But has fat around her belly legs and hips which is the concern. But the reference brochure of the medicine says children should not use it . I am concerned so not sure if to use it for my daughter or not. Is it safe or might have a side effect on a growing child.
    Please advise and help.

    • Ahmed Hasan :

      You should take a second opinion on this, as this medicine is not recommended for children under 12.

      Dr. Ahmed Hasan (Pakistan)

    • B.B.THAKUR :

      My son aged 36 yrs weight 98 kg height 5’3″ doing sedentary job having higj b.p. advise phytolacca berry dose & other complementary homeo medicine

  4. Megha Mehta :

    My 5year boy is overweight he 44kg and taking a very light and normal diet but still there is not any kind of difference is seen,should I use these fat free tablets for him? Kindly reply me so that I can take a right decision for him.


    hello sir,
    I wanted to inquire if the medicine will reduce my weight which has increased very rapidly after my son’s birth since 4 years from 65 kgs to about 95 kgs my height 5″4.

    • Ahmed Hasan :

      Yes, however, the medicine is most effective if taken continuously for prolonged period of time with some dietary measures*. It usually takes atleast 30 days to depict its first effect. Try taking the medicine (two tablets) half an hour before your meals, three times a day. Reduce the dosage to two times a day once you have lost over 5kgs of weight.

      *avoid taking in carbonated water, alcohol, white flour; and reduce the intake of biscuits, chips, fast food, sugar & spices.
      Increase the intake of water, whole grain and fiber rich food items.

  6. niteesha :

    Hello Dr.Anil
    I am 22 year old and Iam 20 kg extra weight than am actually supposed to be.so can I use this tablet.please suggest me.

  7. ayushi :

    i am 25 years old my height is 5’0 and weight is 56 kgs……pls suggest phytolacca dosage for me….thank u

    • fahd :

      dear ayushi

      you are not overweight, dont try to reduce more and more.
      as your height 56kg is OK.

      have a nice day

      fahd ux ui

  8. Barsha :

    hi all ;
    my first brush with the phytolacca berry tabs frm Dr. Wilmar Schwabe gave me amazingly effective results and i came down to 67 frm 75 within a month. however, further continuation did not yield results at all and my weight kept increasing.. now i’m in the range 65-70 kgs; height 5.1 “.. any help ..??

    • prasad :

      Which medicine u using for fat loss

  9. siddhartha das. :

    this is very bad medicin .Beacuse my fat do not loss.so this is very bad.

    • Singam :

      Do some exercise, reduce oil food,fast food , little diet,,,

  10. sehr :

    does phytolaca berry cause any immune problem? i m using phytolaca since last monty 3 tablets before meal 3 times a day bt no result found till yet.kindly telll any special restriction wid dese tablets.

  11. jayashree :

    hii im jaya & im 21years old &im a medico i have been suffering from pcod problm since 3yrs nd i gained a lot of weight &symptoms regarding to pcod .. i consulted a gyncologist she prescribed me krimson oc pills it worked for few days didnt cure my pcod &the only way yo control pcod is to lose weight so i consulted a homeo doctor he prescribed me phytolacca berry of (dr.reckeweg germany compny)i have using it 20drops daily since from 1month i didnt notice any change in my weight..

  12. afsarul hasan siddique :

    hi sir,
    my height is 172 cm and weat is 93 kg, so pls give me advice how can i reduce my extra weat

  13. Dawn Jeevaraj :

    I am a thyroid patient for last 9 years and on Thyroxin. I have been taking phytolacca berry tablets, 3 tablets before meals for two times a day for last 3 months. But no weight reduction till date intact increase in weight is there but ver gradually. Please advice.

    • Pampa Sen :

      Walk regularly to overcome from pcod problm.You will notice result after completing of Phytalacca berry.


    Friends according to me with taking this medicine try to drink more water.
    1. Apples
    2. Pineapple
    3. vegetables like cabbage , all fiber related foods.
    4. honey(teaspoon) with warm water and lemon if available.


    • Sneha Choksi :

      I absolutely agree with u.
      Never rely on drugs or medicines not because they are slow or have side effects but the best way is exercise and diet. This is method gives safe best and lasting results with additional advantages too.
      Do brisk walking for 40mins a day
      Drink atleast 8 glass of warm water
      Eat minimum 3 hours before bedtime
      Only above 3 followed for 2months can help you in losing 5 to 8kgs.

  15. stuti :

    sr i m sfrng 4rm thyroid cn i tk phytolacca berry?????

    plz rply

  16. uma chaudhary :

    sir i m 27 year old,i have delivered a baby on 13 December 2013,by c-section ,during pregnancy i gained 20 kg extra n now m 76 kg,before pregnancy i was taking phytolacca berry of dr reckeweg &co,and that was effective also.now i want to reduce my weight,n continue the same but now m taking thyronorm 50 mcg and m feeding my baby also..plz suggest me whether should i start phytolacca berry liquid/tablets..thank u n waiting for reply…..

  17. neeru :

    Hi Dr. Anil, i am 34 year old and a thyroid patient for last 2 yrs. my TSH is normal but weight is increasing rapidly . i am 5’2” and 75 kgs. right now on eltroxin 50mcg daily. Please advice can i take this phytolacca berry? wat shud be the dosage?

  18. Bharti :

    I am 43 years old having weight issue,want to try phytolacca berry tablets for obesity. I want to know are these tablets worth to use & how should I use them. After having these tablets how much weight will be lost in one month. Please help

  19. jeyashree :

    HI sir,

    I am jeyashree. I am 23yrs old,my weight is 60kg and my height is 154cm.
    plz suggest me the dosage of this tablets.is this really lose my weight?


    I am 33 @ 95 KG .I am taking phytolacca berry tablets almost year no effect .Now started with ObIcure capsule.Please Advice

  21. sabah aftab :

    I just wanted to ask that do we gain weight again if we stop using phytolaca berry??

  22. Khalil Ahmed :

    I have been taken PB Tablets for last 2 month, i am diebetic, hypertension, cholestrol and throid patient. It was very difficult to loose weight but with moderate exercise, PB Tablets as recommended and control over what you eat will have effective results. I lost 2 Kgs. sometimes it has laxative effect but that can be natures way of getting rid of waste.

  23. ruchika :

    Dear sir,
    I am suffering from hypo thyroid can I use these tabs to reduce weight

  24. bhavnamjaisingh@gmail.com :

    dear dr,

    I am 34 yrs old . My wt is 65 kgs. I want to start pytolacca berry. I am planning for second baby next year. Should i take the tablets . I hope it will not have any side effects in my pregnancy.

  25. margarette :

    i am 44 years 5’7 weight – 72kgs female want to reduce my weight by 10 kgs .please suggest remedy

  26. Tanvi Sharma :

    Phytolacca Berry Tablets how to take medicine a day

  27. anu singh :

    Sir I m 23 yr old and my weight is 67 kg please talk me who can I take this tablate my hight is 4.9 and tel me side effects of this tablet

  28. Manash :

    I am 38 years old.I have a big tummy i want to reduce my tummy.I am already used phytolacca-berry-tablets. 1 month but no result.Can you give me any idea what is the actual doses? or If you have other medicine please advice me.I have no time for exercise daily. Please Prescribe me some medicine for reduce my tummy.Thanks

    • Manju Di :

      I am a Senior citizen having a big tummy which I want to reduce. I plan to start Phytolacca Berry as advised by a friend. What dosage and when should I take the medicine. I have bought a bottle of 20% Phytolacca Berry tablets which I want to start immediately


    • Preeti :

      sir my height is 5’2″and weight is 77 kg need to reduce 20 kg kindly advise some medicine.

  29. Utkarsha :

    Dear Sir,
    I am 26 year old suffering from thyroid.Due to thyroid my weight is 80kg n my Height is 5’7″.Can i take Phytolacca Berry for rducing my weight???Kindly do reply

    Thanks & Regards

  30. pooja :

    I want lose my weight

  31. aarshu :

    I am Aarshu 28 year old suffering from PCOD problem and gaining waight like anything.. my freind suggest me this phytolacca berry tablets i want to start this can u please help to take this how much time before meal?? Please help me sir…

  32. shobha :

    I am 29 year old mother and i breastfeed my child , so can i take phytolaccya berry tablets.

  33. Tanu Sree Ghosh :

    I am Tanu Sree. I am 23yrs old,my weight is 80kg and my height is 5.7m.I want to reduce fat.plz suggest me the dosage of this tablets.i want to reduce my weight,It has any side effect.Plz doctor suggest me.I am waiting for ur replay.

  34. Sneha Choksi :

    Dear all,
    If you want to use phytolacca berry for weight loss then this is how you do alongwith moderate exercise and diet:
    2 tablets 30mins before food with warm water
    This is NOT recommended during pregnancy or lacting ie breastfeeding neither to people with heart or BP issues.
    I am not a doctor but information is fetched from a doctor.

  35. M.Ibrahim :

    Dear Sir,

    My age is 50, and i am overweight by 10 Kg, what should i take to reduce my weight, i take very light diet, not use bakery items or out door dinning. Please advise me

  36. a.s. sindhu :

    Dear sir mare age 33 hai or mera weight 108 kg hai or 6 fit hai mera weight bhut jayada teyji Se badta hai jab Mae exercise karta hu to weight kam ho jata hai or Mae bhar ka bhi khana kuch nahi khata hu. Plz give me weight mentioned suggest. Thnx

  37. Mahak Budhiraja :

    Hello sir, I m a house wife.i have a baby of 1 nd half year old. I m feeding him.i want know can I take this medicine for weight loss during lactation because I gained so kuch weight after my pregnancy almost 15 kg.plzz
    guide me

  38. gayathri :

    Phyttolacca berry

  39. payal :

    I am 31 yrs old .my wt is 70 kgs.i already start phytolcca berry. but i am planning for 1st baby after six month.i hope it will not have any side effect of in my prgnancy..i have already start tablet…plz tel me is it right for me..n my health ..plz..kidly request..plz reply me….

  40. metali sharma :

    i am 18 and my weight is 60 kgs i eantbto reduce it to 40kg so can i take this medicine to reduce my weight as j do exercise also bt my weight is nt reducing

  41. numairazeb :

    Hi,my age is 35 n ve 2 kids.i m over weight.i started this tablet last sunday but with evry tablet i felt more n more pressure on my stomach.at third day i stopped taking this tablet but i still feel pressure whenever i eat something and its not allow me to eat or to do something after taking meal bcoz of pressure.plz ans me m so worried.

  42. simran :

    am suffer from thyroid how i lose my weight

  43. simran :

    how can lose my weight

  44. lubna :

    Hi I just started ur berry tablets but since then I’m using them my stomach got upset can u tell how to take these tablets with or without water

  45. s. chandra 56yr old :

    main belly avm weight dono kum karana chahata hoon half n hour exersise bhi karata hoon mera wieght 85kg hight 57.5″ hai main chahata mera belly kum ho jay aur vajan 60-70kg ke bitween rahe

  46. vibha :

    i m 35 years old house wife with the weight of 61 kg height 5.3.plz suggest me the right way of useing phytolacca berry tablets

  47. Manju Di :

    I have a big tummy which I want to reduce. Will Phytolacca Berry tablets hrlp? If so please advice dosage.
    Manju di

  48. shweta singh :

    Its a very worse product..i used it for a month..bt i lost only 1 kg after a crush diet nd evening walk for 30 mnts..

  49. Sangeeta :

    I have been taking PB for last three months. My weight has not increased but I want to know how many more months should I continue taking it?

  50. pankaj roy :

    I am taking this medicine since last month but my weight increased by 4 kg , what may be the reason as i am regularly doing exercise and dieting.i am 26 yr old 5.7″ not preasently having any diseases. So please help me.

  51. jubi lyngdoh :

    I am 17 and my weight is 50. I want to lose some weight so can I use phytolaccca berry tables? Does it have any side effects?

  52. sohail :

    Taking from teenage Does it affects on fertility….???

  53. simran :

    weight loss by inches

  54. amna :

    Aoa, my height iz 5.2,weight is 62,can.i used this medcn phytolaca for weight..i want to refuce weight around hips and belly..plz ans me

  55. sunny :

    My weight 70 kg. Height 5′.7″
    Please suggestion the weight lose

  56. Inderpreet Mehta :

    I want to lose weight 7 kg around , my height 5.4 and weight – 66 kg pls tell the remedy

  57. Venkata ramasailaja :

    Last one year my weight is increased now I am doing exercise daily 2hours.
    My weight is 70kg and height is 5 feet. I am 40 years old.
    I am using phytolacca berry tablets for one month but no remarcable weight loss. Please suggest me how to reduce my weight.

  58. Barsha Choudhary :

    Dear Sir….
    I am Barsha my age is 22 and my weight is around 81kg. I hev used varoius tab for weight loss and diet control have been also maintained but no result found. so kindly suggest me what procedure sgoul i follow for weoght loss.

    Barsha Choudhary

  59. subho :

    Dear sir when should I consume these tablets before food or after food

  60. Saddy :

    Sir my question is m taking pb 200 homeopathic drops 15 drops two times a day since a weak ago and my age is 23 female unmarried but til now i dint c eny wt loss i m taking pulsatilla n sepia also for MC shud i cont pb?

    • faisal :

      dear sir…

      My weight 130 kg.Height 5′.9″
      Please suggestion the weight lose
      Medicine.medicine without side effect and available in pakistan

  61. Hardeep kumar :

    Hlo sir .. I am hardeep kumar frm punjab . my weight is 110 kg. I am using phatylocca berry tablet last 6 months. 2 tablets three times per day. But the result of phatylocca berry is ZERO. Mujha kisi tarah ka koi fyada nahi hua.

  62. Hardeep kumar :

    Hlo sir .. I am hardeep kumar frm punjab . my weight is 110 kg. I am using phatylocca berry tablet last 6 months. 2 tablets three times per day. But the result of phatylocca berry is ZERO. Mujha kisi tarah ka koi fyada nahi hua. I am total vegitarian no alchocol used . i am not used oily food , fast food, cheese, butter, ghee. Etc. I am eating only 6 chapati per day. But no result found the tablet phytolacca berry.

  63. faisal :

    dear sir…

    i am my weight 130 kg.Height 5′.9″
    Please suggestion the weight lose
    Medicine.medicine without side effect and available in pakistan

  64. faisal :

    dear sir…

    my weight 130 kg.Height 5′.9″
    Please suggestion the weight lose
    Medicine.medicine without side effect and available in pakistan

  65. Md Rahat :

    hi sir,
    my height is 180 cm and weat is 87kg, so pls give me advice how can i reduce my extra weight..
    Plz suggest me

  66. purnima :

    I m 29 years old and ky weight is 75 kg so give some instructions hw we take this mdcn and what we eat during taking this mdcn and my hormones r not doing work regularly

  67. priti roy :

    hey ppl.. i jst want 2 ask
    i am 17 years old and my weight is 85..as u can see i am overweight..so i want u ask dat can i use diz pytolacca..will.it be helpful 2 me..i really want to make myself fit

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