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Homeopathic Medicine :: SABINA (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Drawing pains and dragging in the small of the back, extending into the pubic region. 2. – Hemorrhage from the uterus, in paroxysms; worse from motion; blood dark…

Homeopathic Medicine :: LAUROCERASUS (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Nervous and organic affections of the lungs and heart, characterized by spasmodic contractions of the throat and chest, causing suffocative attacks, extreme dyspnoea, slow, irregular pulse, and…

Homeopathic Medicine :: KREOSOTUM (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – All secretions from mucous surfaces excessively acrid and corrosive in their character. 2. – Yellow leucorrhoea, staining the linen, causing great soreness and irritation of the parts. _ (SEVEN-HUNDRED RED…

1. – Sleeplessness, especially in anaemic patients, or nervous persons who are exhausted but irritable. _ _ (SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA ; Written by Class of 1897 of…

Homeopathic Medicine :: IODINE (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Vertigo; throbbing in the head and all over the body; tremor of the heart; fainting; worse immediately after rising from a seat, or bed; or by sitting…

Homeopathic Medicine :: EUPHORIA (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Abundant flow of corrosive tears, almost blinding him. 2. – Profuse, bland, fluent coryza, with scalding tears and aversion to light. _ (SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA…

Homeopathic Medicine :: CONIUM (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Vertigo, particularly when lying down or when turning over in bed. 2. – Sensation as of a large foreign body in right half of brain. 3. – Weakness and…

Homeopathic Medicine :: COLOCYNTH (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Severe colicky pains, mostly around the umbilicus, has to bend double, worse in any other position, great restlessness and loud screaming on changing position, worse at intervals…

Homeopathic Medicine :: COLLINSONIA (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Hemorrhoids and constipation when associated with functional disturbances of the heart, arising therefrom; or dysmenorrhoea, pruritis vulva, prolapsus, uteri etc.

Homeopathic Medicine :: COLCHICUM (Homeopathic medicines)
1. – Articular rheumatism; shifting from one point to another; great sensitiveness to touch; worse from motion; teasing pains, always worse at night. 2. – Metastasis of gout or rheumatism…

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