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Indicated in persons of nervous, irritable habit; thin, spare, preferably of sedentary life and subject to much mental strain; given to the use of stimulants; inclined to constipation and ready recourse to tonics, cathartics and patent medicines. Irritable,…

Indicated in conditions due to imperfect assimilation of food and to innutrition. Frequently employed during the development of suppurative processes, over which it has a marked influence, both in preventing suppuration and in controlling excessive pus-formation and its consequences….

Indicated principally in neuralgia of the head (feeling as if skull would open), ciliary, facial, intercostal, intestinal, cardiac, the pain radiating from a central point; in inflammation of the heart (endocarditis, pericarditis) and of the eye (iritis). Used as…

Indicated in affections of larynx and trachea (as croup and asthma) with sense of great dryness, tightness, and difficulty of breathing; acts best in children of lax fibre and light complexion, with glandular enlargements. Also used in treatment of…

Indicated in coughs, chiefly chronic, with abundant expectoration and feeling of great weakness in the throat and chest. In neuralgia (headache about the eyes, intestinal, intercostal); in troubles due to worms, and occasionally in nervous affections with twitching of…

Indicated in affections of the nervous system, as suggested by the symptoms. In delirium tremens with terrifying hallucinations; in convulsions from fright and in hysterical convulsions generally; in puerperal mania with lewd imaginings and speech; insanity; scarlet fever with…

Homeopathic Medicine :: Sulphur (Homeopathic medicines)
Indicated in scrofulous conditions, in persons of uncleanly habits, lank and stoop-shouldered, in affections resulting from suppression of an eruption; in those subject to venous congestion and disturbed portal circulation. Characterized by periodicity and relapses. General inertia, aggravation from…

Indicated in adynamic conditions with haemorrhagic tendency, sense of general trembling, craving for, and intolerance of stimulants; specially in typhoid fever and in diphtheria with very copious exudation. Valuable in vomiting, particularly of old topers. ‘Sour’ odor of the…

Indicated in conditions characterized by prominence of urinary symptoms and very great tympanitis; it has with these indications proved valuable in pelvic peritonitis, abdominally dropsy, especially when following some acute disease, renal congestion, cystitis, strangury and typhoid fever. Tongue glassy,…

Indicated in the complications or sequelae of gonorrhoea (fig-warts, gonorrhoeal rheumatism and ovaritis, etc.) and the bad effects of vaccination. Used in syphilitic iritis and other complaints resting upon a syphilitic base; gonorrhoea with thin, greenish discharge and scalding…

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