Indicated in rheumatic and neuralgic affections, particularly in diaphragmitis and pleurodynia; in affections of the nerves associated with burning eruptions of the skin, as herpes zoster.

Severe sticking and bruised pain in lower ribs, rendering breathing difficult and painful, with sense of great, deep soreness.


Indicated in coughs, chiefly chronic, with abundant expectoration and feeling of great weakness in the throat and chest. In neuralgia (headache about the eyes, intestinal, intercostal); in troubles due to worms, and occasionally in nervous affections with twitching of muscles and paralytic weakness.


Indicated in conditions characterized by prominence of urinary symptoms and very great tympanitis; it has with these indications proved valuable in pelvic peritonitis, abdominally dropsy, especially when following some acute disease, renal congestion, cystitis, strangury and typhoid fever.


Indicated in intestinal disorders, haemorrhoids and conditions characterized by portal congestion.

Dull pressing headache above the eyes, with mental apathy.

Abdomen full, heavy, bloated.

Abdominal flatulency, copious, burning, pressing downward and causing more severe colicky pain.