The father of homoeopathy Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann reverently known as Hahnemann in the homoeopathic world was the fist physician who introduced the importance of VITAL FORCE in the field of medicine. He defines it in Aphorism No. 9 of his book ?Organon of Medicine? in the following words:


Hereunder I am presenting a case of Leukemia. I cannot claim this case to be of any academic value or an instructive case, yet this case shows that Homoeopathic medicines act while allopathic treatment was being given simultaneously. And above all, the Homoeopathic medicines were prescribed on meager symptoms without seeing the patient even once. The result of such mixed treatment is evident that after the use of Homoeopathic medicines the pathology became normal and the patient improved to a great extent.


By nature all the creatures fall prey easily to the temptations. The man is not an exemption. So, human beings have an enormous capacity to damage themselves in pursuit of pleasure, whether through alcohol, drugs, fast driving, smoking heavily, etc. But this pursuit of pleasure does them immense harm. Generally when one realizes the harm after becoming addict to some intoxicant, it becomes very difficult to abstain. This applies in case of addiction to alcohol too. After falling prey to the drinking habit, if one desires to stop it, it become extremely difficult to stop the habit because the insidious effect of alcohol diminishes the will power, which is essential to stop the habit of drinking.


Social aspect – Till few decades ago joint family system was in vogue in our country. Most of the younger generation used to adopt and continue the family profession. In the joint family system it was the tradition that the eldest person in the family used to be the head of the family and used to have the governance of the whole family in his control.


M. L. aged 57 years, was suffering from pain and swelling behind his left heel. He consulted about his ailment at Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, where it was diagnosed as Retro Calcaneal Bursitis. X-ray examination revealed conspicuous growth of the Calcaneal bone. And he was prescribed some pain killers, after their use the patient had stomach disorder and loose stools. And the trouble remained unchanged.


Let us look at the word CANCER, a name generally known as a dreaded and widely spread disease of modern times. Today we have most advanced and sophisticated means to identify and classify the disease. But when such means were not came into being even then the disease name CANCER was used. During those times perhaps this name was used for the tumors/ulcers, benign or malignant.


Homoeopathy is a science totally based on Pathogenesis of the drugs. Pathogenesis is a process by which a disease develops or the development of a disease or of a morbid or pathologic state. If a homoeopathic physician clearly and fully understands the Pathogenesis of various medicinal substances he will not think to go after the Pathology to prescribe for any case of disease in hand and will still be able to CURE the cases even of morbid Pathology. Pathology is the scientific study of the alterations produced by disease.