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Dr. Kulbhushan Juneja D.H.M.S.
DR. (Mrs.) Renu Juneja D.H.M.S.
Bhushan Homoeopathic Clinic
Kanwal Cinema Road
Near Railway Station
BATHINDA (Pb.) 151005
Ph.(C) 2250332,3091231(R) 2250434
Mobile No.9814203330
EMAIL: kjuneja@homoeopathicadvisor.com
WEBSITE: www.homoeopathicadvisor.com
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From the last few years the number of people using homoeopathic medicine has increase tremendously. But there are still many misunderstanding about homoeopathic medicines and the way in which…

Dandruff is a harmless condition that involves an acceleration in the normal shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp.This dead skin accumulates as white flakes in the hair…

Inflammation of the head of the penis and foreskin. The disorder can be caused by a bacterial infection, a fungal infection or an allergic reaction. It may also be…

This rare and wonderful drug Luffa Operculata has great role in the Homoeopathy, in curing the sick. Now a days you will find many cases of Sinusitis, Allergic Rhinitis,…

Exposure to excessive heat, causing loss of fluids and a rise in body temperature. This may occur at any age but most common in babies and elderly people. Prolonged…

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